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- Our Entry Level Solution -

$69 per month
  • $495- Deferred Setup Fee (Includes Initial Tenant Placement)
  • Remarketing Fee: $349 per occurrence
  • Lease Renewal: $199 per occurrence
  • Annual Tax Preparation: $99 per calendar year
  • Inspections: $69 per inspection
  • 3rd Party Payment Coordination: $10 per payment
  • Eviction Protection Program: $19 per month (when occupied)

- Ideal for Investors -

$119 per month
  • $495- Deferred Setup Fee (Includes Initial Tenant Placement)
  • NO Remarketing Fee
  • NO Lease Renewal Fee
  • NO Annual Tax Preparation Fee
  • TWO Free Inspections Annually
  • NO Payment Coordination Fee
  • NO AZ Rental Tax License Fee
  • NO Rental Registration w/ County Assessor Fee
  • NO Eviction Protection Program Fee


Our property management prices and packages include:

Tenant Screening

Rent Collection


Property Inspections

Financial Reporting


Legal Guidance


At Real Property Management Evolve, we believe in 100% transparency, and this includes our property management pricing.

Property Management Pricing - Real Property Management Evolve


If you partner with RPM Evolve, you will never see hidden fees. It is a common practice amongst other managers to hide fees in their management agreements through inspection fees, late fees, reporting fees at more. At RPM Evolve, we do not believe in this pricing practice. Our pricing is completely transparent and you will never find hidden fees in any of our agreements.


Included in our pricing is an eviction protection program. We know that high-quality, reliable tenants is of the utmost importance and our team works diligently to protect you - the homeowner. At RPM Evolve, if a tenant has not paid their rent on time, we issue a late fee on day 5 of no payment. On day 6, we will issue a notice of rent or quit, and immediately begin the eviction process.

This eviction process comes at no cost to you. If you are moving through a standard eviction process, there is absolutely zero cost to you, the homeowner.*

*Extra costs may arise if it is a non-standard eviction notice


RPM Evolve is the #1 property management company in Phoenix, and our team partners with maintenance companies around the Phoenix Metro area to provide property maintenance at a much lower cost. Because of our partnerships, RPM Evolve receives a heavy discount from maintenance companies, and that discount trickles down to you - the homeowner! In most cases, our pricing is less than retail prices.

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