Real Estate Investing: 4 Tips for Successful Rental Properties

Real Estate Investing: 4 Tips for Successful Rental Properties - Real Property Management Evolve RPM Evolve

Before beginning real estate investing, it’s important to consider these four tips for successfully investing and renting rental properties. Here’s what to know. Many new investors get carried away with the excitement of real estate investing and the possibility of making passive income. Just the idea of it all can have these newbies making big…

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Landlord Responsibilities: 9 Things You Need to Know As A Homeowner

Landlord Responsibilities to Know As A Homeowner - RPM Evolve Real Property Management Evolve

There are many landlord responsibilities to be aware of when deciding to rent out rental properties – here is what you should know.  Many people choose to invest in a rental property and become landlords with the idea of earning income without actually having to work. So you buy a rental property, let tenants move in, and…

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5 Warning Signs That May Appear On Your Tenant Screening Report

Tenant Screening Report - Real Property Management Evolve

Tenant screening is an important aspect of finding the perfect residents for your rental home. Here are 5 warning signs that may appear on your tenant screening report, and what you should do if you see them. Your rental properties are an investment – which is exactly why you do not want to let just…

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How to Spot Fake Landlord References

When you are looking over tenant applications for your rental property, you hope that the applicants have provided real and honest answers. You care about the property that you are lending out, and you don’t want just anyone living there. However, sometimes people will use their friends or family as references because of one reason…

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