8 Benefits of Owning Rental Property

Benefits of Owning Rental Property - RPM Evolve

There are many benefits of buying and owning rental property, especially if you choose to work with a property management company.  As with anything in life, there are both pros and cons when it comes to purchasing and owning rental property. Some have done very well in the business and others who have not. Each…

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The Importance of a Strong Landlord Tenant Relationship

Landlord Tenant Relationship - Real Property Management Evolve

Having a strong landlord tenant relationship is an important aspect of maintaining your properties and encouraging long-term tenancy. These tips can help you improve your relationship with your tenants. Buying investment properties takes a specific set of skills. Maintaining healthy relationships with those who live in the properties takes an entirely different set of skills.…

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5 Warning Signs That May Appear On Your Tenant Screening Report

Tenant Screening Report - Real Property Management Evolve

Tenant screening is an important aspect of finding the perfect residents for your rental home. Here are 5 warning signs that may appear on your tenant screening report, and what you should do if you see them. Your rental properties are an investment – which is exactly why you do not want to let just…

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