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Landscaping Tips For Your Phoenix Rental Property

The exterior look of a home is very necessary to attract potential renters, to keep the tenants happy, and to keep the property value up. Most importantly, however, it sets the ambiance of the home and makes it feel welcoming. The ultimate goal of landscaping is to help homeowners achieve all of these. With the right landscaping, you are able to enhance the value of your home or increase the price of your rentals. In addition, you can easily find qualifying potential tenants.

However, when poorly done, landscaping mishaps can be a source of losses and an uncomfortable home environment. This is where professional landscapers are sometimes needed to help you improve the look of your rental property. An attractive front yard is not only good for attracting renters but also increases the value of your property.

So, here are some Do’s and Don’ts of landscaping to help you out:

The Do’s of Landscaping

1. Keep your landscaping simple: Keeping the environment safe is important, so help conserve the environment using eco-friendly landscaping designs. Keeping things simple is often your best bet to have a beautiful yard. If you install too many features or plant too many flowers, sometimes the home can be overwhelmed and it won’t be easy to look at.

2. Plant native or local shrubs: Look for flora and fauna that is native to the Phoenix area to be planted in your yard. Local and native plants will not only save you money but also preserve the biodiversity. The fact that they do not require supplemental watering, pesticides or too much fertilizer is also a major win for your budget.

Don’ts of Landscaping

1. Don’t over-pave your yard: Ideally, the yard is supposed to be green, so it is wise not to pave a lot as this will increase the runoff into the gutter and the ground. In fact, most neighborhoods discourage homeowners from overdoing the paving, but instead plant shrubs.

2. Do not stick to an existing layout: The good thing about plants is that you can replace them, unlike structures that can be extremely expensive to move or redesign. Be flexible to try out new and different designs or colors to help improve the overall look of your yard. However, you can also try to find a design or additions that fit your design and complement your existing exterior décor.

It is a challenge to find the best mix of landscaping options for a yard. As a property owner looking to spruce up your rental home and increase its value, you want to strike a balance between making your yard look attractive and the amount of investment you want to put in (in terms of maintenance).

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Phoenix Property Management

Why Use A Phoenix Property Management Company


If you own a property in the Phoenix area, that you currently, or would like to, rent out to tenants, there are many benefits to using a professional property management company.

Find High Quality Tenants

Tenant screening is a complicated process and making the wrong choice can be expensive. Property management specialists have a reliable screening process that takes multiple factors into account when choosing the best tenant. This includes whether a tenant is there for the long term, pays rent on time, and does not have a history of causing property damage.

Minimizing Periods of Vacancy

A property management company will provide you with advice on what to do to make your property attractive to tenants so that you will maximize revenue on it. They will also help set the optimum rental amount and market the property effectively. These things will help you attract more applicants and potential tenants, which, in turn, will minimize vacancy periods.

Collect Rents Efficiently

For a landlord, there isn’t much that is worse than a late rent payment and having to follow up with a tenant about it. One of the most important services that a property management company provides is the collection of rent in a timely fashion, following up with outstanding payments, and imposing late fees. When the situation with a tenant becomes very difficult and hard to handle, they are also there to provide an effective, legal eviction process, which is something that many landlords may find difficult to do themselves.

Lower Maintenance Costs

High quality and quick maintenance work keeps tenants happy and also ensures that your property’s value is increased. Property management companies have a network of experienced contractors that can fix many issues that arise on a property, at a reasonable cost. They will also ensure that the property is regularly inspected for needed maintenance, and can provide a maintenance schedule and detailed documentation of repairs required or undertaken. Without this, a rental property can quickly lose its value in the rental market, and one irresponsible tenant can cause major maintenance headaches.

Peace of Mind

Being able to avoid the stress that comes with renting out a property is probably the main reason why people choose to hire a professional property management company. Knowing that your rental income will be deposited into your account each month on time and that all pressing issues are being taken care of, is probably the greatest benefit of professional property management. For more information about how RPM Evolve can help with your rental property, contact us online, or call us today for a quote! (602) 368-5730

Landlord Property Management Tips

How To Spot Fake Landlord References

When you are looking over tenant applications for your rental property, you hope that the applicants have provided real and honest answers. You care about the property that you are lending out, and you don’t want just anyone living there. However, sometimes people will use their friends or family as references because of one reason or another. So, here are a few tips on how to spot fake landlord references on an application:

Ask the references about available properties
One thing that most fake references do not think about is anything other than the “approval call.” Fake references are simply looking to help their friend and move on. However, a good way to test the waters is to call and ask the reference if they have any available properties. If they act confused or seem like they don’t know what’s going on, these are red flags. A real landlord will simply give a “yes” or a “no.” However, you can also avoid any awkward confrontation by just looking them up online. Most landlord names are listed on their property management websites. If the name isn’t connected to anything property management related, you know that the reference might be fake.

Ask for specifics.
Ask simple but specific questions relevant to tenant payment history and property condition. If they cannot give you specific information related to your questions, they may not be legit.

Turn to Facebook
If you notice that the “landlord” is tagged with the potential tenant, the reference is probably not valid. Most landlords are not hanging out with their tenants. You can also cross-reference the provided phone number for more info. You can either google the phone number to find the attached website and property management name, or check the address the tenant listed, and see if the numbers match up.

In some situations, you just can’t be sure, especially with landlords who only managed a few tenants. However, you can get a good idea of what’s going on by putting in a little work.

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