Landscaping Tips For Your Phoenix Rental Property

Rental Property Management

The exterior look of a home is very necessary to attract potential renters, to keep the tenants happy, and to keep the property value up. Most importantly, however, it sets the ambiance of the home and makes it feel welcoming. The ultimate goal of landscaping is to help homeowners achieve all of these. With the…

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Why Use A Phoenix Property Management Company

Property Management Phoenix

  If you own a property in the Phoenix area, that you currently, or would like to, rent out to tenants, there are many benefits to using a professional property management company. Find High Quality Tenants Tenant screening is a complicated process and making the wrong choice can be expensive. Property management specialists have a…

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How to Spot Fake Landlord References

When you are looking over tenant applications for your rental property, you hope that the applicants have provided real and honest answers. You care about the property that you are lending out, and you don’t want just anyone living there. However, sometimes people will use their friends or family as references because of one reason…

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